Manual Work vs. Systems

Recently, I’ve been thinking about our project management framework, creating SOPs, administrative guides, etc.
Mainly, how to chunk things down and connect the dots to create processes?

To build systems that connect our basketball/training/teams to marketing/operations/administration. I liked this one’s pretty colors.


Experiment: For creating business processes, mindmapping might be a good starting place, to get everything out on paper. It’s kinda visual, keeps thoughts connected, and isn’t linear like a word document. A brainstorming tool.


Experiment: For “Photo Tracker Process” to go along with a spreadsheet. It’s a simple chart, but I made it using Gliffy, online diagram and flowchart software. Instead of writing manuals, rather create a useful flowchart for marketing and media-related processes.

DeenUP - Photo Tracker Process

Along with mindmapping tools, I do like (as cliche as it sounds) creating things in Excel. Not so much with formulas and graphs, moreso for the ease of organizing information and color-coding. For example, creating an tree in a spreadsheet, throw in some branches and leafs.

Other uses for mindmapping:

  • Types of content to post
  • Admin manuals and guides used within DeenUP
  • For grants and applications; building out our “content bin”

Context: On the subway going to the gym, listening to podcasts and interviews. That seems to get my mind going to write, as opposed to reading stimulating the same thoughts but I don’t change apps to note things down.

App: Day One. My phone diary.

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