Blogging – Thinking and Planning

Putting my thinking cap on to figure out what to focus on for the immediate future. This is a chance to practice the “” approach, start doing and strategize later.

Since this is going to be a personal blog, the goal isn’t actually to get readers or anything. It’s more of a space to get my thoughts out and point a few people towards it to get feedback. I’m publicly practicing writing and blogging.

First, brainstorm a list of things I can do here.
Second, select 2-3 posts I will do.
Third, take step one.

1) Brainstorm

Thinking out loud, few “series” ideas [I realized that I work better in a framework than trying to be creative every single time]

  • Teach Me – in a separate post, create a list of 10-20 things/skills/tips I want to learn and scour my own network for people to teach me that.Examples:
    Design Software 101 (raster vs. vector, intro to Photoshop and Illustrator)
    How can I set up Hootsuite to manage personal social media accounts
    How to create an exercise plan
    What are “healthier” alternatives to my junk food collection :)
  • How do you… – talk to people doing interesting things and how they did themExamples:
    How did you meet Person X to get feedback on your business
    How do you track your monthly bills for accuracy and automate the payment
    How do you create a “templates” for video production through Sony Vegas
  • Audio “Interviews” – donno topic or title, but actually talk to real people
  • Inside DeenUP – get into the nitty gritty of what we’re doing; spill the goods and expose challenges

That’s what comes to mind for now.

2) To-Do

Looking at the list above, I’ll choose 2 relatively easy things and get at least one done for Sunday Mar-23 (it’s now Thursday).

  • “How can I set up Hootsuite to manage personal social media accounts” – I’ve used Hootsuite in the past and at work, but for some reason, neglected it for myself or properly using it for DeenUP Athletics.

    To Do:
    Get my account, connect to FB/Twitter/IG, create few streams, then get feedback from a seasoned user
  • “How did you launch that” – I’ll hit up a friend that recently put out an app and is getting some good press. Find out what went into that.  I’ll leave them nameless for now

3) Start

  • Get Hootsuite and get it connected to my accounts
  • Drop an email, arrange a time to speak


Parting thoughts – it took ~35 minutes to write this. But at least the “ideas” will no longer loop in my head, since it’s now on paper, my mind should be focused on the task at hand. Hoping that plays out as expected.

It also kinda helps being out of home, but in a quiet place. At our DeenUP workspace, CSI Regent Park, signing off at 7:42pm.

#selfie :)


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