Starting With Trello: Part 1

With a sudden surge of angry energy (y’know, when you procrastinate something and suddenly want to just get it done. Now. Aggressively), it’s 1:10 AM on a Friday. I want to finish creating our DeenUP Orientation in Trello so the task doesn’t linger around through the weekend.
Sidenote: waiting for Adeel to pick up camcorder and other equipment to take for DeenUP’s Ottawa CYBL Tournament

== Starting Point

I’m continuing from my first draft/brain-dump of everything a new staff, volunteer, advisor would need to get acquainted with what we do and be able to contribute.

This is what I had. Our overview presentation, reference to Trello’s “Welcome” card (which was the inspiration for creating our “Welcome” card), Trainers’ and Operations’ guides…all with links connecting it to files in our DropBox.
But, problem 1. it looks shitty, and 2. I should attach the files here directly and create a new Dropbox account for the shareable stuff.Side issue: I’m contemplating how to share information through Dropbox, it’s generally been sending links for whatever that person needs. But that’s messy, but we can share the whole folder, it has a lot of sensitive information we don’t want to share immediately, and stuff they just don’t need (clutter). So, tentative solution is to create new dropbox and share that folder with any and everyone involved.

== Additions
1. Pictures
2. Pretty Colors
The important stuff and “Headlines” need to draw attention and guide the person through this. Colors would help prioritize and compartmentalize what things mean, without having to click into them.
== v1.0
At 2:31 AM this seems like a functional v1.0 to start using within the team.

== Next Steps

  1. Test it with the team – if it makes sense for them and is useful
  2. Create DeenUP’s own Dropbox and link to folders in there
  3. Revisit GoogleDocs and link relevant docs; social media calendar, clothing purchases, blogosphere research, etc. — but that’s probably irrelevant at this stage, it’s only Orientation. The beginning.
Also, learnĀ Trello Shortcuts. I had the tab open, but no more brain good.
Secondary Project: Create secondary “Orientations” for the project areas, includes resources and logins etc.

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